The Pokemon Sword and Shield characters that will return in Gen


    Pokemon Sword and Shield would be the first mainline Pokemon game released for Nintendo Switch. They brought many new features and changed the future development of the series of games. Players Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on the Pkmbuy website will not change, the website continues to provide players with the best service. Gen 9 Pokemon games will tend to be launched at some time, but this adds another question: if Game Freak decides on this, which characters usually ought to be brought back.

    Hop may be the main competitor of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Throughout the game, his personality with the exceptional training and fighting using the Pokemon team failed to shine. The game emphasizes that Hop’s storyline is the fact that he grows and matures very slowly before the end of the game. This may be a superb springboard for Pokemon gen 9 mid-adult or higher mature version of Hop. At the beginning of the game, Hop imagined becoming the new champion with the Galar region and winning the title of his brother Leon, but apparently, this wouldn't happen.

    After the events that led players and Hop to capture Zacian or Zamazenta, Hop announced that she has a whole new dream, which is to turn into a Pokemon professor to help people. This may cause Hop to essentially become the 9th generation Pokemon professor, give players their entry Pokemon, and the story will end successfully.

    Just like Hop, Sonia spends almost all of his time Pokemon Sword and Shield, taking into consideration the direction of life and the way to deal with it. She was Leon's childhood friend and Professor Magnolia's assistant and granddaughter. If it wasn't for helping Sonia figure out what she wanted to do, she would stop a very relevant role in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Sonia is wise and motivated. These qualities will likely be most noticeable when she finds something worth doing, and then for her, the girl with studying the darkest days and also the history with the Galar region.

    Sonia finally published her findings in the book, and after that decided to turn into a Pokemon professor. Just like Hop, this might mean that Sonia may eventually get to be the 9th generation Pokemon professor, or otherwise appear when she is learning trading skills.

    Leon has a completely different character arc than Sonia and Hope, that is because when the game started, he'd achieved his goals and lived his life how he wanted. Leon would be the champion of Galar. He and Chairman Rose works alongside to make Galar an improved place and inspire a fresh generation of coaches through battles along with other famous challengers. Leon is quite confident and knows which he is a competent trainer, but simultaneously, he loves Pokemon fighting and lives for them.

    However, Leon's title was taken away by the players, and although he accepted the failure and sportsmanship, Leon's story ended with no purpose for him. However, this can be wrong to some degree, because the following campaign, Leon repeatedly challenged players from the battle tower to regain his title. Buy Shiny Pokemon is perfect for new players. Nevertheless, this is more implicit than confirmed within the story, which makes Leon's return inside the 9th generation possible for making his character interesting again.