The Backstory of Pokemon Sword and Shield Is Dark In The League


    Pokemon Sword and Shield have updated the League Card, and its expansion includes some grim backgrounds for its key characters, which is surprising given the family-friendly tone of the series.

    The early Pokemon series had sad moments, such as Lavender Town and the death of Cubone’s mother, but the story is usually succinct because it's aimed at children. Choosing to buy Shiny Pokemon is very friendly to new players. On the other hand, the League Card promotes the edge, and its unexpected narrative may surprise many Pokemon lovers.

    Pokemon will die occasionally, but this series could make these things happen as few as possible, and never take it lightly. Some darker content is mentioned in the Japanese version (by way of example, humans and Pokemon are married in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl ), but they are always changed during the entire translation process.

    The Pokemon series still contains moments of insensitivity, while they are more likely to function as the result of cultural misunderstanding compared to the deliberate aim of the developer.

    Pokemon games rarely take care of dark themes explicitly in the main plot, but the extra content is a different story. People who eat Pokemon, Pokemon that kill humans, and Pokemon that hunt each other are mentioned in the Pokedex.

    Darker content, like Pokemon being killed in battle, also appears in numerous Pokemon comic series. The League Cards obtained in Pokemon Sword & Shield have a lot of bleak stories to inform since they have the unspecified background of some key characters inside the Galer area, which is best no one enters the overall game. Serebii is the place you can find The League Cards.

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