Pokemon Sword and Shield's Galar Region Have Some New Change


    Compared with the previous game, the Galar region of ​​Pokemon Sword and Shield has undergone some changes. Buying Shiny Pokemon has always the best way for new players. The main function of the series in the past has been deleted in exchange for new exploration.

    The Galar region of ​​Pokemon Sword and Shield reimagined many of the main mechanics in the previous Pokemon generation. The appearance and function of biomes including grassy routes, open waters, and complex caves in the Galer region are different from before.

    In many cases, these changes make exploration more immersive. However, many other changes oversimplified the gameplay and eliminated the fun of traveling in the region before.

    The Pokemon Sword and Shield create stunning visual effects in the Galer region. Places like Glimwood Tangle are illuminated by giant mushrooms of assorted colors, while Slumbering Weald is shrouded in dense fog and trees are blooming. These locations are instances of how far the Pokémon series moved since the Red, Blue, and Yellow pixelated graphics.

    Pokémon Sword and Shield's artistic style changes and updated graphics help it become stand out from previous games inside the series, particularly when exploring new features for example the Wild Area and also the location in the Sword and Shield DLC.

    Although the Pokemon series has changed and grown in each generation of games, some mechanisms have lost the charm of previous works. Routes between towns are simplified, and a lot of explorations in towns are will no longer need. Although some of such mechanics are replaced by new methods to explore the region, others can make the sword and shield gameplay more interesting.

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