The Pokemon fan has great ideas for improving Sword and Shield


    As the main Pokemon version on Switch, Pokemon Sword and Shield have many things worthy of realization. Buy Shiny Pokemon is very fast and legal from But fans are divided on many aspects of it, one of which is the story. Even for Pokemon, many people think it is unremarkable, but one fan wants to make it more interesting.

    The story of Pokemon Sword & Shield concentrates on a new coach advancing over the gym challenge, encountering legendary Pokémon, saving the earth, defeating opponents, and having a regional champion. All these are ordinary Pokemon fares, but due to the difficulty of the game, even for Pokemon, it drops quickly.

    One fan suggested when the passage of time is way better displayed in the action, will probably be more powerful. If the player spends all the time in the game on increasing friendships and training Pokemon, it will add more weight to the player's journey.

    The possibilities this will likely open up are self-evident. Not only will the ball player character get old, but on the other hand, opponents will also become old. This will make competitor Hop recall that they've been making an effort to become stronger. Most importantly, there are lots of popular characters in Sword and Shield that some may return from the 9th generation. Seeing them gradually aging and stronger throughout the journey, facing terrible threats and new challenges, you could like them to give players more.

    In addition, over time, it can make up for the shortcomings of some other stories: there are not so compelling villains. Compared with Sword and Shield, a big advantage of other Pokemon stories may be the threatening evil team. However, if the sword and shield villain has implemented plans for some time, then these plans will be even more terrifying and heavy.

    It may also increase the achievements towards the formation of your strong Pokemon team. If all the time is shown in the character, then put your entire energy into creating a shiny army may mean more. Choosing to Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon is a good way. All these years will also make the meeting with the legendary Pokemon more meaningful, showing that the main character has progressed enough to witness some incredible things.