Most Players Never Discover Three Things In Pokemon Sword and S


    It's been almost two years since Pokemon Sword and Shield came out, and players continue to discover new things in the game. If you just start playing the game, you can choose to Buy Shiny Pokemon. Narratively speaking, it is not the richest Pokemon game, but they still provide a large number of side missions, secrets, and Easter eggs to keep fans satisfied with the series. But some content in the game is so well hidden that even experienced players can easily miss it.

    1. The Nickname of The Gym Leader
    One of the greatest successes of Sword & Shield is the unique and clear identity of their Gym Leader. In the past, when players challenged them to fight, these characters only existed for a short time. Sword & Shield took time to develop them and give them a unique personalities.

    One of the many details they have got in these games is the secret nickname. There is a number in their uniform of every Gym Leader, which also has a double meaning in Japanese. For example, the number of Sword & Shield's first Gym Leader Milo is 13, this is a pun for vegetables in Japanese. For this Grass-type specialist, this is an appropriate word.

    2. The Turffield Riddle
    Milo's hometown of Turffield boasts some secrets of its own. This is the first major city the player visits in Sword and Shield, and it doesn't look conspicuous when you start. However, the Turffield hides one of the most convenient items in the franchise, the Expert Belt.

    To get it, you must solve the riddle of a little girl standing next to a big stone on the highest point of the town. The riddle sounds more confusing than it is, however, it shouldn't take very long to solve it, it's worth finding the treasure at the end of the road.

    3. The Shiniest Of Prizes
    Shiny hunting is important to many players. Sword and Shield introduce some of the best shiny Pokemon nowadays, so naturally, many players would like to capture as many as possible. The Shiny Charm is the closest ally of these players because it increases the chances of finding wild Shiny Pokemon.

    Players can get this rare item by talking to a doctor in Chichester City. When speaking with him the first time, he will hand out the Catching Charm. However, after catching all 400 Pokemon in the game and talking to him again, he'll give the Shiny Charm.

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