How to get a limited time gift of Pokemon Sword and Shield


    No matter what the occasion, Game Freak and Nintendo will find a way for people to log in and enter a mysterious gift code: even if they have been playing for months or years. And also, Shiny Pokemon is still not easy to capture in the game.

    Today, those in power carried out a double promotion, giving away Gold Bottle Cap and Torkoal for free. The promo codes are "PLAYERSCH01CEPC" and "PJCS2020CHAMP".

    To get the Gold Bottle Cap, you only need to enter the PLAYERSCH01CEPC code on the mysterious gift screen to get free, to commemorate the start of the Players Cup IV. To get Torkoal, you will enter "PJCS2020CHAMP". Torkoal will hold a Sitrus Berry and will be accompanied by burning jealousy, body pressing, yawning, and protection.

    The Gold Bottle Caps enable players to hyper-train the individual value of all 100-level Pokemon to the maximum at the same time. Although this process is unique to the highest level of these Pokémon, hyper training can restore Pokémon's strength to statistics that may have fallen.

    After completing the main story, you can perform hyper training by the man in the upper right corner of the Winden Battle Tower. It can be completed separately with normal Bottle Caps, or it can be completed at one time with Gold Bottle Caps.

    Both Bottle Caps can be obtained through Max Raid Battles and other missions throughout the game, but since they are very useful for preparing some Pokemon to compete with other players, they are very rare. Please pay attention to our site: for more exciting content, and you can buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon at a low price.