Some Ways To Farming Pearl Strings In Pokemon Sword and Shield


    Money is a valuable resource in the Pokemon Sword and Shield, providing a lot of information for unlocking the story. From to Buy Shiny Pokemon is the fastest way. But when there are hundreds of cosmetics waiting to be unlocked, what should you do? Those who don't have enough money may turn to farm the most valuable item in the game - Pearl Strings.

    It's easy to cultivate Pearl Strings in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This guide will help you become rich by detailing the various ways to find Pearl Strings in the game!

    Max Raids
    Max Raids is often a special sort of Pokemon fighting in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To enter one, you must find a "den" in the Wild Area -they resemble stone circles. You can tell when a raid was made in the den because a bright beam of light will shoot out from the den.

    When you complete Max Raid, you are going to receive a reward, and also your reward is likely to be a Pearl String! This is one of the most reliable approaches to planting these strings.

    In the Wild Area, you may occasionally encounter a fisherman who is prepared to trade mysterious items to you for 100 Watts. If you don't pay her, you won't know what it is.

    It may be a Pearl String, but it may also be Pearls, Big Pearls, or Wishing Pieces. This is not the most reliable Pearls farming technique, but when you meet her, it may be worth a try.

    Using Miscellaneous Items
    You can also use the usual method of Cram-o-Matic to make Pearl Strings. The machine assigns a point value and Pokemon type to any item it accepts. To get a Pearl String, you have to use Ground, Grass, Water, Electric, Ice, and Bug-type items to get between 92 and 100 points.

    Although this is an understandable and reliable way to obtain Pearl Strings, it also requires some high-value items to get such a high total point. Now is the best time for new players to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. Try to store your items while adventurous, rather than selling them, and then find out the most profitable method for your resources!