The way to Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Sword and Shield


    Since the appearance of the first generation, Chansey has been an iconic Pokemon, all the way to the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield. Players who like Chansey can get one in the entire series. Also, you can choose to Buy Pokemon from PKMBuy. But Chansey has a very big surprise; their evolution does not dependent on level.

    At first glance, Chansey's evolution of Blissey seems to be an ordinary type with abundant wings. However, Blissey's evolution from Chansey does bring some benefits and unique characteristics. Bringing Isle of Armor DLC to Sword and Shield, players can finally get Blissey through their beloved Chanseys.

    Evolutionary process
    Unlike other Pokemon, evolving Chansey into Blissey is not as easy as reaching a certain level or owning a specific item. On the contrary, to successfully evolve Chansey, trainers need to meet specific requirements while using them to trigger evolution:

    Get 220 Happiness. At its core, Chansey evolved into Blissey by reaching 220 Happiness with her. This work can be completed through the following process:

    Get the Soothe bell. Using this item will enable Chansey to improve its friendship and happiness faster.

    Concentration camp. As players know, the camp is a place where they can play and cook with their Pokemon-essentially a place to increase their happiness.

    Upgrade after reaches 220 Happiness. When Chansey reaches 220 Happiness, she is ready to evolve. Sometimes, we can choose to buy 6IV Shiny Ditto. To do this, players only need to fight until Chansey manages to level up.