The Shiny Cheat of Pokemon Sword and Shield sparked debate abou


    Players of Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch spent a lot of time and energy to obtain rare 6IV Shiny Ditto. Not everyone wants to get special color variants, but some fans like to spend hundreds of hours incubating eggs or soft reset games.

    However, according to the device's website, the Switch Up device from Collective Minds eliminates many challenges with a module that will "endlessly chain for eggs from the 'Bridge Field' Pokemon Nursery in the Wild Area". Reddit user Specialist-Walrus864 shared his buying behavior on Reddit and sparked a debate about whether these Shiny Pokemon should be considered "legal."

    However, Switch Up not only makes hatching easier; when searching for shiny Pokemon through special encounters, the device can also soft reset the game easier and faster. On the Switch Up website, we can see the game reset quickly in the Registeel encounter to get Shiny.

    The response to the Reddit post was a bit intense! The Switch Up device does not create hacked Pokemon, which means that the Shiny obtained can be used in the league play, and no one will know the difference. Instead, the device just speeds up the process. Some of Specialist-Walrus864's posters showed great interest in buying the device themselves, while others sneered at the idea of circumventing the actual game process.

    After all, there is currently no clear rule on whether Shiny Pokemon obtained through Switch Up should be considered legal. Although these Pokemon have not been hacked technically, they are priced at US$24.99. You can go to the PKMBuy website to Buy Pokemon. So the device does enable the game to achieve a "pay to win". Pokemon Sword and Shield fans will have to make their own decision about Switch Up, but from a personal point of view, I don't like using it.