Pokemon: Sword and Shield Manga influence on the game story


    Although there are many video games based on anime and manga, it is not common to derive manga from video games. The PKMBuy provides players the cheapest 6IV Shiny Ditto for sale. It is even rarer for comics to capture the same emotions and stories as video games. Pokemon: Sword and Shield's manga does manage to make the strange rules of playing the Pokemon title meaningful, and it's pretty cute to start. However, it takes the typical story of Pokemon games and puts it to the ear.

    In almost every Pokemon entry, the protagonist is a new kid controlled by the player in town. The story starts the same way every time. A new family moves to a small town, the children of the family make friends with the neighbor, and the neighbor’s child forces the new child to start the Pokemon journey. The difference between Pokemon Sword and Shield is that the player-controlled protagonist has lived in the town for a while. She and the neighbor's child are still super closes, and they ran together to beat the neighbor's older brother in the tournament.

    However, in the comics, the new kid is not the future Pokemon champion of this story. At least it doesn't seem to be the case for now. Instead, his new friends Henry Sword and Casey Shield were marked by champion Leon as challenging Pokemon Gymnasium. As a result, the new child (Marvin) took advantage of the trend. In the first volume of the manga, he doesn't even have his Pokemon.

    This is slightly different from the usual way of doing things, it's just because Henry and Casey are not ordinary 10-year-olds and started the Pokemon journey. They are Professor Magnolia's research assistants. Henry developed and improved equipment for Pokémon, such as Sir Fetch'd's Scallion Sword. Casey mainly studies technology, and what she is most proud of is her VR system. She provides a virtual reality system for future trainers to fight against. Both are helping Professor Magnolia with the Gigantamax research.

    Although the Pokemon: Sword and Shield comic is super cute, it has as much depth as a typical Pokemon game. Players usually go to a safe shop together to Buy Pokemon. It's designed for kids, most likely teenagers because it might be too much for younger kids.