The way to defeat Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword and Shield


    In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Players can encounter two different types of Mewtwo, physical or special. If you like Mewtwo, the PKMBuy is a good place to Buy 6IV Shiny Pokemon. There is no way to determine which Mewtwo is what, because the player cannot view the Pokemon statistics before entering. All players can do is hope they get a physical Mewtwo because its physical attack statistics are much weaker than its special. The way the player recognizes whether Mewtwo is an entity or special depends on how Mewtwo starts the battle.

    If Mewtwo had a shield when it started fighting, then it is a special attacker. If the shield does not appear at the beginning, it is a physical attack. Its moves include Ice, Fire, Electric, Dark, Ghost, and Fighting. Introducing ghost-type Pokemon may be the best move, but Mewtwo can defeat almost any enemy. It is recommended to bring legendary Pokemon like Necrozma, Zacian, and Marshadow. If the trainer does not have these Pokemon, Grimmsnarl, Dracovish, and Dragapult are also effective.

    Make sure to let the player set up obstacles, such as Light Screen and Reflect. This Pokemon shouldn't be Dynamax either, because setting obstacles is very important for getting hurt from Mewtwo. Marshadow is the best Pokemon in this Max Raid Battle because it has the move Spectral Thief, which can steal the opponent's attribute promotion and attack.

    This move can just be learned by Marshadow, which Pokémon is only able to be found through events in Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The best way for new players is to Buy 6IV Shiny Pokemon. If there is no transaction or hacking, it is impossible to find it now. In addition, regardless of defeating Mewtwo, it cannot be captured, although the player will obtain some rare items by defeating it.