Best Gold Making Professions in the WoW Burning Crusade

  • WoW TBC Gold farming is a crucial part of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic experience. No matter what part of the game you focus on—whether it’s PvP or PvE—keeping gold stashed in your back pocket is always going to be incredibly important.

    Gathering raw materials is the easiest and most straightforward way of accumulating gold through professions. Farming mats in the land offers the most player agency on gold making since the player has access to a wide variety of farming locations and methods that could be taken advantage of.

    When it comes to gathering, players can take advantage of add-ons such as GatherMate2 or Gatherer to mark nodes or herbs found on the map and create efficient farming patterns to make acquiring gold even easier.


    Herbalism is the best farming profession in The Burning Crusade. Not only does it feed materials into Alchemy, the profession with the fastest turnover in Classic, but it also provides a lot of flexibility in how and where to farm.

    The Herbs found in Outland are Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Ragveli, Terocone, Flame Cap, Ancient Lichen, Netherbloom, Nightmare Vine and Mana Thistle. Each of those is good to sell, but it's worth noting that Netherbloom, Nightmare Vine and Mana Thistle have the highest chance of dropping Fel Lotus, a rare ingredient used in Flasks

    Most herbs gathered in Outland have a 15% chance to drop Mote of Life which nets a decent price on the auction house and is used by many professions. Netherblooms on the other hand drop Mote of Mana which provides even more flexibility to the profession. Ancient Lichen can be found mainly in dungeons, but it can also be gathered by farming Bog Lords in Zangarmash.


    Mining is a great profession as it services not one or two, but three crafting professions - Blacksmithing, Engineering and, Jewelcrafting. As there is a great demand for ore, there will be more than enough opportunity to sell it for a heap of gold.

    Mines found in Outland are Fel Iron, Adamantite and Khorium and can be found all across Outland. Each node has a chance of dropping several Mote of Earth and Eternium Ore, with Fel Iron having a chance to drop Mote of Fire.

    While it's possible to optimize a good node farming pattern, Mining is a bit less flexible than Herbalism. Primal Earth is one of the cheaper Primals and it's not as valuable despite the higher yield from veins and elementals.


    Skinning is also quite decent as a gathering profession since Leatherworkers need obscene amounts of leather to craft their gear. The issue here is that the profession requires the player to kill mobs in order to skin them which can take a bit longer than Herbalism and Mining.

    The leathers that can be skinned in Outland are Knothide Leather, Fel Hide, Thick Clefthood Leather, Fel Scales, Nether Dragonscales and Cobra Scales.

    The best moneymakers of this profession are the Nether Dragonscales and Cobra Scales as they are used for the Leatherworking Leg Enchants, but they are pretty hard to come by as they can be found only in a few specific areas.

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