How Pokemon Sword and Shield players get two Shiny Pokemon code


    Now, more and more exclusive Pokemon Sword and Shield codes are available, which makes players very excited! If no free codes, you can buy Shiny Pokemon at the PKMBuy website anytime. Game Freak will release new codes in the United States, this time is for the two rarest Pokemon, Shiny Zacian and Shiny ZaMazenta in the Galar area.

    By registering for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter, Pokemon Sword and Shield players have the opportunity to obtain various codes for Shiny Pokemon. If players want to get free codes for Zacian and Zamazenta events, they must claim them on GameStop in the United States!

    ZaMazenta is unique to the Sword, and Zacian is to Shield. According to PokeBeach, the release dates for Shiny Zacian and Shiny ZaMazenta code are October 22 to November 11 and November 12 to 26, respectively.

    Here is you how to get the code:
    1. Open Pokemon Sword and Shield
    2. Go to the menu (press X) and select "Mystery Gift" (pink icon)
    3. Select the "Get A Mystery Gift" option
    4. Select the "Get With Code/Password" option
    5. Grab your free Shiny Pokemon!

    The first batch of free codes will be provided to Pokemon Sword and Shield players from Japan and South Korea sometime in mid-October. The U.S. will provide these codes on October 22 through GameStop. Also, there more codes will be available in Australia and Europe, let us stay tuned!

    Where will you get free Shiny Zacian and Shiny ZaMazenta codes? You can tell me through the comments section below and then see who is in the same area! When there are no free Pokemon events, you can choose to Buy Shiny Pokemon from PKMBuy.