The three coolest Galar Gym Uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shiel


    In Pokemon Sword and Shield, players can customize a large number of characters, and even players can choose their favorite gym uniform when dressing up their League Card photos. You can buy Shiny Pokemon any you like from PKMBuy. In the game, players can unlock or purchase more than 20 different Galar gym uniforms. Let's see which ones are the coolest.

    3. Poison Uniform
    The Poison Uniform in the Galar area is easily one of the coolest gym uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It uses a basic gym outline, but it is one of the most easily identified uniforms in the game.

    The Poison Uniform maintains a very simple palette of purple and green, and the radioactive shade of green seems to ooze a toxic purple background. Given that most Poison-type Pokémon are designed with toxic sludge in mind, this colorful uniform is the perfect way for players to establish more connections with poisonous companions.

    2. Electric Uniform
    Much like the Poison Uniform, the Electric Uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield has been perfectly designed to make players feel more closely integrated with their Electric-type Pokemon.

    It is characterized by bold yellow lightning flashing on a purple background, creating an appearance similar to lightning across the night sky. Lighting bolts and electricity are often associated with a "cool" aesthetic, which makes this special gym uniform perfect for players who want to inject vitality into their appearance.

    1. Dark Uniform
    Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield introduced to Pokémon fans the first Dark Gym ever, so Piers became the first Dark Gym leader ever. Pierce incredibly represents what many players hope to see in the leader of the Dark Gym. He is a punk musician with long black and white spiky hair, a spiky white and pink jacket, and a standard black and pink Dark Uniform underneath.

    The silhouette of the Dark Uniform is similar to that of the Water Uniform, with the "male" character wearing a tight sleeveless shirt and the "female" character wearing a tight top. However, both models use black and pink torn pants to help cement the fun and punk aesthetics of the gym.

    What uniforms have you unlocked? Do you like them? Welcome you to tell me in the comments. When you want to Buy Shiny Pokemon, please choose PKMBuy, We are a professional Pokemon website.