Some battle items that are easy to miss in Pokemon Sword and Sh


    In any Pokemon game, items are the player's best ally. Buying Shiny Pokemon For Sale is still the first choice for many players. Whether it is Recovery, Evolutionary, or Miscellaneous, items can enhance the game experience. In the Pokemon Sword and Shield, battle items can be the player's savior. But some valuable items are difficult for players to find or easy to miss. They are:

    4. Jaboca Berry
    Jaboca berries are in the same situation as the Rowap. It only exists in the Giant's Bed and can only be obtained by shaking the tree.

    However, unlike Rowap, Jaboca can resist Physical attacks. This yellow berry will also cause the opponent to lose 1/8 of its maximum HP, but it will fail if the user receives Special damage. Jaboca is also Galar's curry ingredient and is known for its strong bitterness.

    3. Metal Powder
    Metal Powder is a convenient item if the player wants a Ditto. If held by an untransformed Ditto, it will significantly improve Pokemon's Defense capabilities.

    In most Pokemon games, players cannot buy Metal Powder anywhere. On the contrary, the wild Ditto has a 5% chance of holding the Powder, which means that the player needs to fight and catch these pink creatures, hoping that one of them will carry the item.

    2. Float Stone
    The Float Stone introduced in the fifth generation is a very light stone, similar to the Everstone. It halves the weight of the Pokemon holding it, thereby reducing the damage caused by weight-based attacks.

    In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Float Stone only be obtained by the Digging Duo in Bridge Field. Players pay 500 Watts and Duo will dig for treasures, one of which can be the Float Stone. Otherwise, players can use Cram-o-Matic to make the Stone, which is located in the Mustard room of the Master Dojo on the Isle of Armor.

    1. Eject Button
    Also introduced in the fifth generation, the Eject Button allows Pokemon to switch after receiving a direct hit, Physical or Special damage. The Pokemon in question cannot faint, and players can choose any substitute from their party.

    The Eject Button is a unique reward for the Battle Tower, which is obtained through 20 Battle Points. Because this is one of the many prizes in the Tower, and it is the only way to get it in the eighth generation, players may ignore it or simply miss it altogether.

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