Pokemon Sword and Shield Halloween theme Max Raid Battle event


    Halloween is coming soon, in order to end this spooky season, Pokemon Sword and Shield announced a Halloween wild area event, starring Ghost-type Pokemon and the Shiny Zoroark.

    This theme provides players with a variety of Ghost-type Pokemon encounters, and it's live streaming now. The wild area event will last until midnight on October 31st. Now is the best time to buy 6IV Shiny Ditto from the PKMBuy website.

    In one-star raids, you will find Zorua, Sableye, Duskull, Rookiedee, and Nickit. The two-star raid will include Zoroark, Corvisquire, and Thievel.

    In addition, three-star and above raids will include these Pokemon and Dusknoir, among which the most popular species is the Shiny Zoroark that can be found in the five-star raids.

    This time, there doesn't seem to be any other event-specific items, but you will be able to collect the commonly used items, including TMs, berries, and other common Max Raid Den items.

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