The Best Berserker Barbarian Build For Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4


    The Berserker build is one of the popular Barbarian gameplay strategies in Diablo 2 Resurrected. MMOSO provides cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for sale. He focuses on dealing a lot of magic damage per hit, can override physical immunities, and isn't affected by Iron Maiden. In this guide, we will build the best Berserker Barbarian from stat points and skill points.

    Berserker build can be built in two ways. One way is to fight with a shield and without a shield. The first technique requires a shield with a high blocking rate and a weapon with high basic damage to maximize the effect of the Berserker skill. When constructing a build without a shield, build Howl, War Cry, Taunt, and Leap Attack.


    1. How do I distribute stat points?

    Barbarians must distribute points in a similar way in most builds. In his case, it will look like this:

    Strength: Enough to wear endgame gear. 

    Dexterity: With enough shield to get max block, without shield, don't invest a point above endgame gear requirements.

    Vitality: All other points.

    Energy: 0


    2. How do I distribute skill points?

    Berserk: The entire build focuses on the Berserk skill, so the Barbarian must have this skill maxed, we invest 20 points in it.

    Sword (Blade) Mastery: As with other builds, the Barbarian must max out with a specific weapon. Swords are the most effective, but if you use maces or axes, you should focus on them. We invest 20 points.

    Battle Orders: As the build does not invest in mana, and the build itself does not allow you to steal life/mana or regeneration, you need to increase all these indicators with skills. We invest in Battle Orders 20 points.

    Howl: Another awesome skill, don't underestimate it. Howl is not only a Berserk synergy but also it is a great crowd control ability. We invest 20 skill points into Howl to maximize its value both for providing additional Berserk damage and increased Fear radius+duration.​

    In addition to the abovementioned skills that must be maxed out, it is also worth investing points in the following skills:

    Shout: The downside of the Berserker build is the fact that, shortly after the end of the skill, the Barbarian defense drops to 0. To avoid threats from enemies, it is worth having Shouts, which will increase the effectiveness of the defense of the Barbarian and his allies. We invest 1 point here.

    Whirlwind: is useful for quickly breaking through hordes of enemies. 1 point is enough for this build.

    Battle Command: Must have this skill, 1 point is definitely enough. Thanks to this we can level up other barbarian skills.

    Increased Speed: An investment of 1 point in Increased Speed ​​will allow the build to gain mobility.

    Iron Skin: During frequent attacks, it is a good idea to naturally increase the Barbarian's defense. An investment of 1 point should be enough.

    Natural Resistance: Natural Resistance is a skill that should always be included in a Barbarian's passives. 1 point is definitely enough, however, if you are facing challenges with resistance issues, you can invest multiple points into Natural Resistances.​

    The above is the best stat and skill point distribution of the Berserker barbarian build. Anyway, this build requires an additional 4-6 skills to unlock the skills used in Berserker. The Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 1 is underway, if you need cheap D2R Items, welcome to MMOSO to check the offer.