I will go into the mid level crater with the above

  • I will go into the mid level crater with the above equiped and on this inventory. I will take a dose of this ranging potion, and utilize the prayer potions whenever it's nessecary. I'll then do bounty locate. I will put the Dark Bow special on, and throw Ice Burst. Then use attack them, with the Dark Bow Special. Then switch to the Drag Dagger (p++), and use the special. If my target is not dead after that, I will leave, and restock on supplies if nessecery. Please tell me if that is a good stratagy, or when there's anything that I need to change (I have 150m, but don't imply a Godsword). I have just been playing since January this year but here goes: Was walking into wildy to kill blk dragons and watched a few people standing on RS gold some type of platform. I went over to talk to them then obtained teleported. They ran off immediately before I could figure out how that they were planning to kill the kbd they were talking to me about. I attempt to run the obelsk"activate obelsk" and walk to center of stage, but cant figure it out. A rev shows up and begins attacking me I run away east and log off.

    I dont even have any more meals and am down to about 40hp. I'm going to try shield from magic and create a jog round lava maze and make use of my glory in lvl 30 wildy. If the revenant left I'll go back because that is my fastest way out. Also if I die this is my fastest way back to my tomb since I don't have Historical magicks avtivated. How do I operate the obelisk? What world would have a great deal of people around there so it may be more safe for me if a rev has another taret? I always see a rev around the entry to lava maze. Are there any some other highly patroled rev spots to prevent on my way out? I noticed that range seems to be better than melee. The Dark Bow looks awsome and all the cool items you can use for scope like Id conceal and a back pack that picks up your steel arrows =] My friend is Almost lvl 80 stove and he says that he can hit 40s with D bow. THAT IS A VERY HIGH HIT IN MY OPPINION. I'm almost level 70 str and I can only hit 16 with rune scimmy... What Can I Do? Keep My Present Account Or Make A Ranger? And should anything how can I make my present account hit higher? You've put a great deal of work into your existing account. Why start over? You can merely train range with your present character.

    Things you might want to do: Animal Magnetism (Quest)- Gets you the"backpack" you mentioned. Assess the Quest Experience manual here on Sal's to determine which quests give great ranged experience. As soon as you're good enough, you're likely going to want to perform the Ardougne Plague quests to get a Crystal Bow eventually. You can train range on whatever you feel like shooting, but Giants make good targets as they have high HP. The Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon make decent beginning targets (once you get a fantastic enough level to kill them), and there is lots of cover in the east region of the cave. Furthermore, at higher levels the Moss Giants near Ardougne are very popular, and at buy rs gold paypal even higher levels, the Fire Giants beneath Baxtorian Waterfall. Good Luck!