The Barbarian class in Diablo 4 is powerful and agile

  • At least not for each class, players will not be able to select from a wide range of body types. For their position among the five classes D2R ladder items, the Barbarian class in Diablo 4 is powerful and agile. Although the Alchemist/Sorceress class appears to be able to lift some weapons and books, they are not nearly as agile or incline as the Rebel.

    Post Fergusson, boss creator and top of the Diablo foundation at Blizzard Entertainment, communicated, "strangely, the body type is purposely connected with class occupations, as a part of the game's fantasy."

    Fergusson stated, "Body type is something that we think of as part of the class's fantasy" during an interview at a roundtable. He explained the designer's decision to create the "emaciated Necromancer" and "dad bod" Druid characters. It didn't really fit the class's fantasy to have a fatherly Necro or a slender Druid; those are just a few of the other things that set the class apart.

    "We wanted to provide as much variety as we could, so we had a lot of different ethnicities, hairstyles, marks, and eye colors. On the other hand, one class stood out for a number of different reasons. In Diablo 4, for instance, it was body type.

    According to Fergusson, "body form and class archetypes are also linked to the design of gear and armor in Diablo 4 as well as the other accessories that are a part of the game's overall look cheap diablo 2 resurrected items." Additionally, making armor for a class that weighs 90 pounds and is the same size as a barbarian would be difficult."