With the NFL season being over a month in at this point

  • It's hard to argue that the Carolina Panthers may have the best color rush jerseys in the entire NFL. Their bright blue is uniquely them and it pops off the television screen Madden 23 Coins. The mix of the deep black and white helps lend contrast to the uniforms.

    It also helps when you have one of the most dynamic athletes at both quarterback and running back. If you're a Panthers fan and don't own a blue Cam Newton or Christian McCaffrey jersey, are you really a fan? Keep pounding, and keep wearing those color rush jerseys.

    With the NFL season being over a month in at this point there have been numerous surprises on the field both positive and negative. There have been veterans and rookie players that have exceeded expectations and their performances are deserving of an overall upgrade.

    On the flip side, there have been numerous superstars who haven't lived up to what was expected of them on the field and their overalls should be lowered in response. Here are 5 NFL players whose ratings deserve to skyrocket and 5 who need an overall rating drop tomorrow.

    This entry mostly has to do with Ben Roethlisberger injuring himself and being out for the year. That being said, his play on the field also wasn't shaping up to be anything spectacular Cheap Mut 23 Coins, so the injury may have been a blessing in disguise.