WOW TBC Classic: Patch 9.1.5 is online and some patches have be

  • WOW TBC Classic is an upgraded version of the world's most classic and popular WOW Classic. Whether it is the WOW Classic released in 2000 or the WOW TBC Classic released later, there are many loyal players. At the same time, World of Warcraft is also considered the best MMORPG in the world.

    It is a large-scale MMO game with a highly developed world. For some players who like to start an unknown journey in the game, they will get a high sense of satisfaction when exploring the vast TBC Classic Gold map in it. In addition, the game play is also very diverse. PVE players can discover and fight against all kinds of novel creatures, while PVP players can constantly challenge themselves and compete with other players who are proficient in the game.

    And WOW TBC Classic allows players to create multiple characters, so we can get familiar with one character. Let's start our journey again with another brand new role.

    Yesterday, WOW’s new patch 9.1.5 has been launched and the first batch of patches has also been received. Including non-druid sharpening instinct media no longer drop and the "Unleashed" equipment box will no longer provide players with PVP items containing slots or third-level values.

    Another bug in the game has also been fixed, that is, after the ghost is released, players who are resurrected after accepting the battle will eventually return to Hearthstone's hometown.

    The Unchained Equipment Chest does not provide an explanation for the change to PvP items that contain slots or third attributes. The developers stated that this was an oversight for the project setup on 9.1.5, and they did not intend to create such a situation. Collecting equipment from our partners to your own character is the best way to play PVP instantly.

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