WOW TBC Classic: Clearing SSC stack warriors or magicians is fa

  • WoW: Burning Crusade Classic In the past few days, its Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep have had some quick clearance times. The settings of various speed-pass guilds are very interesting and exciting.

    I remember that in WoW Classic, although the guilds cleared very quickly, their team settings were usually monotonous and boring. They all recruit as many well-equipped warriors as possible, weaken the villains to get Buy WOW TBC Gold better armor, or join a wizard, a bow hunter, and a few fire wizards for the most important curse.

    However, if we look at the speed records in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic in the past few days, we will be able to see a completely different picture. The European Union took only 48 minutes and 04 seconds to clean up the Serpentshrine Cavern on October 31. There were six fighters in the 25-person raid. This is quite remarkable compared to the classic stage. Because the warrior was a very gentle profession at the beginning of the TBC era, and it was even more unfriendly to use him to participate in Level 5 raids. If there are only frontline fighters, then the beginning of the 6th floor will become very slow. Although facing such a professional configuration, four of these six fighters can reach an average Dps of 2110 or even higher in the run.

    One player has proven that he can do faster in the game. It took about 47 minutes and 16 seconds to send Lady Vashj onto the board. There are multiple wizards in their team settings, including eight wizards, two magicians, two elemental shamans, and one dark shepherd. Xiong Jin and the Paladin took over the role of the tank.

    The player is currently maintaining the speed record in Tempest Keep, and they completed the goal in 48 minutes and 07 seconds on November 2nd. And they created an advantage that was 100 seconds faster than second place, and the team's setup was very similar to their setup in SSC.

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