WOW TBC Claissic: Free server transfer will be launched in Burn

  • If the average daily number of online users on your server is small, then I think in the near future, you will have a free opportunity to do so.

    Because Blizzard announced that it will carry out a free server transfer to the low-population burning expedition server. Since the initial hype about WOW Classic in 2019 until the current heat subsided, some servers have become relatively deserted, and players have gone to more popular servers in order to save the server community.

    Blizzard Entertainment published a post on their forum on Tuesday, where official developers and community managers can update WoW fans. Kaivax, the North American World of Warcraft community manager, also released a message detailing the function of the free server transfer.

    He said that Blizzard will enable free character transfers for many Burning Crusade Classic areas. They plan to transfer free of charge from the least populated BCC field and any high TBC Classic Gold population field in the region. And when they make free character transfers, they will update the article to allow players to clear all the details.

    Currently, free Burning Crusade transfers are not available. So, if you are considering building your own new home in Burning Crusade, it is best to wait a little longer. And since the transmission time of free service is usually set to be not too long, it should be experienced soon. However, this cannot be guaranteed at the same time. Because Blizzard seems to be Buy WOW TBC Gold making an interim decision about the BCC patch. Moreover, this week’s new World of Warcraft classic season mastery name will begin to be booked, and I believe that the game consoles in the classic server will definitely be impacted by strays.
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