WOW TBC Claissic: There are updates on the WOW classic champion

  • The world of warcraft classic championship season has been updated. Blizzard used this update to solve the problem of honor calculation in the championship season of WOW Classic.

    For another update of the honor front of the WOW Classic championship season, all players should review the correct number of ranking WOW TBC Gold points for their first SoM ID. According to the community manager Kaivax, if players invest gold in honor items that are no longer available due to adjustments, you should expect the gold to recover. However, this recovery process will take several days. Currently, there are still no developers commenting on the expiration of honors that may be incorrect.

    Blizzard repaired the honor calculation of the PVP system for the championship season of WOW Classic during the last server maintenance. EU players have already received twice the "ranking points" of the last ID that Blizzard promised.

    Players in the US obviously have to wait until the next ID change, because the ID change occurs before the server is maintained. Another potential problem is that advanced PvP players from the European Union claim that the decay of honor will also be twice the normal situation. However, the authenticity of this potential problem is still in doubt. In addition, Kaivax and other Blizzard employees have not yet released an official update.

    Regarding honor farming, the road to PvP level 14 is one of the most time-consuming exercises in World of Warcraft history. This should also change significantly during the championship season.

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