WOW TBC Claissic: Players found a weakened version of Boss in t

  • WOW TBC Classic is the most popular MMORPG at the moment. It provides players with a large-scale MMO with a high degree of freedom and rich gameplay. Currently, Blizzard is testing the third phase of the game.

    When players visited the third stage public test server of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, they found that it provided nerfed versions of the Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal.

    Blizzard’s WoW: Burning Crusade Classic’s battle plan has been very clear so far, that is, the developers first show off the original raid leader to adventurers in the TBC Classic Gold field.

    In the third phase of the public test server, visitors discovered the upcoming raid instance the Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal. There was an extraordinary discovery that Blizzard provided a weakened version of Boss for the test.

    During the weekend, the community manager Kaivax joined the discussion and confirmed the players' concerns.

    He clarified that after these raids were published in the original Burning Crusade, there were hardly any other adjustments other than minor adjustments and bug fixes. Therefore, they will only release one version of Raid in TBC Classic, and will test it on PTR, and there will be no further adjustments in the future.

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