Lost Ark:It may become a game that will replace New World in th

  • Although Amazon Games has created the best start in the video game industry, the most important thing in life is not the beginning, but the sustainability. Obviously, this North American company still has not done this. Yes, we are referring to the New World game. New World, as an MMORPG, achieved a long-term success in the same type of game in the first month of its birth. But it seems to have fallen into a state of collapse that is rare in games of the same type.

    If you are concerned about related fields, then you must have heard the name Asmongold. Asmongold is one of the most popular content https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold creators in the world. He is especially famous for delivering World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 14 and other MMORPG games.

    Recently, he expressed his views on the upcoming internal struggles in Amazon games, namely Lost Ark and New World.

    Lost Ark, as a game from South Korea, will be launched in the West in early February 2022. After its introductory beta was released, most players felt good, so Asmongold also pointed out in a related interview that Amazon Games may soon appear its own worst enemy in China.

    Asmongold believes that New World is a boring and repetitive game, and he believes that there are many options that are just a waste of time. Moreover, Americans believe that Lost Ark has great potential and think it can replace New World.

    For Amazon Games, the level of progress in MMORPG is not just entertainment, but once it reaches the highest level, related problems will continue to appear.

    And Lost Ark is a free and open game, players do not need to spend extra money in order to purchase game DLC or purchase game duration. Everyone only needs to pay for their activities in the game, so compared to New World, the entry barrier is also very low.

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