WOW TBC Classic: We can keep looking forward to World of Warcra

  • Even though World of Warcraft is not the pinnacle of e-sports games, it satisfies the desires of many players who like the game and want competitive events related to it. This year, various event parties held many World of Warcraft-related e-sports, such as the Arena World Championship, Mythic Dungeon International, and many unofficial events initiated by game anchors.

    Moreover, next year, one of the things that are expected to have the greatest impact on the competitive scene is the release of the 9.2 patch, which will bring a lot of new content to the game. This news is indeed exciting, but it also has WOW TBC Gold shortcomings. It is now the end of December, but players have not yet received any conclusions about the official release date of the patch. According to current forecasts, everyone believes that it will come in March.

    One of the worst things that can happen to World of Warcraft is draft content, and Blizzard seems to be unable to learn from past mistakes. Last week's competitive season is over, players can take a break, but the rest of the game will be affected.

    When it comes to the latest expansion format, except for balance changes and new strategies that will appear in the 9.2 patch, I hope that there will be no changes to other content. For TBC and Classic, the potential is still very large.

    The classic season started earlier this year and there are not many changes in the game, but these are just the tip of the iceberg for what Blizzard can do with the game. So far, due to the lack of the classic arena as a form of competition, players hope that there will be at least some tournaments.

    In addition, TBC will enter the third stage. Although some tournaments have been held in June and July earlier this year, no one should mind holding other events throughout the year. Maybe we will get WOTLK Classic later, but since there is no relevant information, we can only continue to wait.

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